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Why take the ISLPR – how is it different to other English tests?

Posted by on Apr 19, 2021 at 10:27 AM

The language you know and use depends on your language experience and needs. Therefore, at ILS we believe in adaptive testing. A language test that is personalised for each candidate.

The ISLPR® test was created by Dr David E. Ingram, co-creator of the original IELTS testing system, who saw the need for a more flexible testing system.The ISLPR test is a personalised test, meaning the content of every test is customised depending on a candidate’s area of expertise or personal interests. Furthermore, the ISLPR test is an interactive test that aims to test a person’s language skills in a setting that is as natural as possible.

Speaking, listening and reading are interactive social skills, so it only makes sense to test these skills in an interactive setting. In an ISLPR test, a candidate’s speaking, listening and reading skills are examined during a one hour interview between the candidate and an accredited ISLPR tester. Writing skills are examined during a one hour self-paced writing exam.

How does the ISLPR test compare to other English proficiency tests?

ISLPR Test Other English Tests
2 hour test – the ISLPR was created to only last two hours in order to reduce fatigue during your exam. Other English tests can take up to 4 hours to complete.
The ISLPR® tests real life language. Other English tests are unrelated to real life language use. They use formal item types like “tick the box” or “fill in the gaps”.
Tests may be specialised for general, academic, vocational or other purposes. Single model for all purposes.
Quick turnaround of results: results are ready in 5-10 business days. Often long delays before results are received.
Tests are scheduled daily to suit individual candidates and testers. Fixed dates for everyone, non-negotiable.
One-to-one testing and tutoring. Mass tests
Personalised test – the content is created to match your interests and needs. “One size fits all”.
Item types reflecting how individuals use language. Formal item types for mass administration.
One hour individual interview with your tester as well as the one hour writing exam. Minimal social interaction during tests.

Why does the ISLPR test cost more than other English proficiency tests?

The ISLPR test is all about tailoring the experience just for you. Every test is personalized to match your expertise and interests. That’s why our application forms ask for detailed information – it helps us create a test that resonates with your profile.

In addition, our commitment to individualized evaluation extends to the administration process. Candidates undergoing assessments in speaking, listening, or reading skills benefit from one-on-one interviews with a certified ISLPR tester. Meanwhile, the writing tests are structured as self-paced one-hour examinations.

Notably, the integrity of our testing process is fortified by our team of dedicated assessors, all of whom hold advanced degrees in TESOL or applied linguistics. These experts have completed an extensive training and moderation program accredited by the IGAC, ensuring the highest standards of evaluation and proficiency measurement. Your journey with ISLPR Language Services is underpinned by a commitment to precision, personalization, and the expertise of our seasoned assessors.