Key Features of Each Macro-skill

We’ve outlined below the key features of each macro-skill.

It is important to note that different features have different emphases at different levels on the scale. We have provided a preview of the list below.

For the full list, please fill in the form and download the complete list.


  • Fluency
  • General ability to communicate
  • Hesitations or hesitancy
  • Coherence and cohesion


  • Comprehension face-to-face
  • Amount of repetition required
  • Discourse and discourse making
  • Memory


  • Reading speed
  • Comprehension of gist and detail
  • Memory
  • Coping with discourse and discourse markers
  • Ability to convey meaning without just reading back the words of the text


  • Task completion
  • General ability to communicate
  • Vocabulary range and accuracy
  • Register
  • Discourse and discourse markers
  • Argumentation

The ultimate basis on which assessment is made is the whole scale and its descriptors.