Lecture Recording by Dr David Ingram: Improving your Reading and Writing Skills

The Importance of Reading when Learning English

The more you read and the greater the variety of things you read, the more language you encounter and the more your language will develop.

When you read, you experience the words, the vocabulary, the grammar and the functions in context and that is important both to understand and learn the meanings of words but also you learn how they are used in context, how the collocations are formed (i.e. how words fit together) and how functions (such as explaining, inviting, or greeting) are carried out.

The Importance of Developing your Writing Skills

From Dr Ingram’s decades of language teaching experience, there is no doubt that writing is the greatest source of problems for most ESL learners. As in all language development, the most fundamental principle is the more you use English, the more your English will develop. The more you write, the more your writing will develop. So, to develop your writing skills, you must write, write, write but it is also important to get feedback on your writing.

What can you expect in this lecture?

  • 60 minute lecture by Dr Ingram (co-creator of the ISLPR test and original IELTS test) on how you can develop your reading and writing skills at home.
  • An informative handbook to follow along with during the webinar:
    • This includes a reading activity and real-life examples from the ISLPR writing test.
  • The most common problems Dr Ingram has found over his 50+ year teaching career.

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Dr Ingram retired from lecturing years ago however, due to popular demand he is delivering a few more lectures on how second language learners can develop their English skills.