ISLPR® Test Rules

Do & Don’t

When applying for an ISLPR® test, there are a number of terms and conditions you must read and agree to. Some of these T&C’s are admin-related while others are related to your behavior during the test. The list below outlines the “dos and don’ts” during an ISLPR® test and can be considered the “ISLPR® Test Rules”.

IMPORTANT: you still must read the T&C’s when applying for a test to familiarise yourself with our postage policy, cancellation, and rescheduling policy plus all other details that are not outlined below.


Arrive before the scheduled start time. The time listed on your appointment notification email is the time the test starts. You must arrive 5-15 minutes earlier to have your identity confirmed and photo taken.

Bring a valid form of ID along with you. We accept passports or Australian Driver licences as proof of ID. We may take a copy of this if we do not already have a copy on file.

Only keep acceptable items on your desk. In the face-to-face exam you are only allowed writing utensils (pens, pencils, eraser) and a clear water bottle on the desk. No other items are permitted.

In the online test, you are permitted to have only a clear water bottle and your ID on the desk. No pens, pencils, paper, phones, watches, etc. are allowed on the desk.

Turn your phone and all other electronic devices OFF before entering the exam room. This includes smartwatches. If a phone rings or vibrates during the test this will be deemed serious misconduct.

Listen to the supervisor . You must follow the instructions given by the supervisor. Failure to follow instructions will be deemed as serious misconduct and result in your test being cancelled/disqualified.

Treat our staff with respect. We will not tolerate rude, violent or threatening behaviour. Such behaviour is considered serious misconduct and may result in your being banned from attending our test centres.

Read carefully and check your work. Take the time to check over your work. If you are unsure of anything in the question, ask the tester or supervisor.

Write neatly.

Keep track of the time. You are given 60 minutes to complete the test. We do allow an extra 15 minutes at the end of the exam to check your work. Use your time wisely.

Raise your hand if you need the attention of the tester or supervisor. If you think you have the wrong exam, the questions are incomplete or missing or you do not understand something, raise your hand and ask the tester or supervisor. You will be given time before the writing test to review the questions. You should try to ask all questions during this perusal period.

Stop writing when the supervisor tells you to. Failure to stop writing when the supervisor advises that the time is up will result in the test being immediately cancelled.

Do not leave until the supervisor has confirmed they have all the papers.

Arrive late for your exam.The ISLPR® test is an individual exam which means its very important to arrive on time. If you are late, we risk the whole day’s running late. Candidates who arrive late for an exam may have to reschedule and pay a $100 administration fee.

Have any prohibited items on your desk.No electronic items are permitted on your desk or on you. This includes phones, smartwatches, recorders, cameras, electronic dictionaries, music or video players. You are not permitted to use your phone during toilet breaks.

Cheat, copy or share test answers.This is considered serious misconduct and will result in your test being cancelled/disqualified.

Communicate with or attempt to communicate with other candidates in the room.This is considered serious misconduct and will result in your test being cancelled/disqualified.

No food is permitted during the test.You are only permitted to have a clear water bottle on your desk. You may chew a mint or lolly during the test but please be considerate of others around you.

Leave the room without permission.You must seek permission before leaving the room or leaving your work desk.

Take any exam materials.This includes note papers. You must leave all materials on the table ready for the supervisor to collect. You should only leave with what you came with.

Make any noise near the exam room or enter the exam room while a test is being conducted.Testers and supervisors have a copy of the daily schedule. They will collect you when they are ready to begin.

Don’t keep writing when the supervisor says the exam is finished.If you refuse to stop writing or hand over all papers, your test will be disqualified. NO exceptions.


If your test is cancelled or disqualified, you will need to pay to redo the test.

We are aware that the ISLPR® test is a high-stakes test that may result in heightened emotions and feelings of pressure. However, this will not excuse bad behavior and disobeying the test rules. We urge all candidates to follow the test terms, conditions, and rules or risk disqualification and forfeiting their test fee.