Preparation Tips

“Do you run preparation courses for ISLPR?”

We often get asked if there are ISLPR® preparation courses. The short answer is, no. It is not helpful for candidates to try to prepare for an ISLPR®test the way that they might prepare for tests in some other testing systems.

For example, with the writing test, we do not recommend that candidates try to guess what their tasks will be and spend a lot of time practicing these and only these. We do not recommend that a candidate practices complicated phrases that they hope they can use for any topic.

The best way for a candidate to prepare for an ISLPR® test is by practicing their English skills every day.

ILS offers individual tutorials to help candidates improve their English skills prior to sitting an ISLPR English test. We also offer a 14-week English course to help candidates develop all aspects of their language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and a 6-week English course that focuses on developing a candidates reading and writing skills.

There are no tricks to passing an ISLPR® test so focus on improving your English skills before doing an ISLPR® test.

We highly recommend reading and subscribing to the ISLPR English Test Blog. The information provided on the ISLPR® blog was designed to help candidates improve their English skills and prepare for their ISLPR® test. Much of the information supplied on our blog focuses on the most common problems with come across with ESL learners. (Subscription to our blog is FREE).


To familiarise yourself with the ISLPR test format, read through the guidelines for each test/skill.

  1. Guidelines for the speaking test.
  2. Guidelines for the listening test.
  3. Guidelines for the reading test.
  4. Guidelines for the writing test.

As well as reading through the guidelines articles that have been linked above, it would also be useful to read though our strategy articles.

These articles are split into two parts: (1) how to improve your English skills before the test and (2) how to ensure you perform as well as possible on the day, (our number one tip: breathe!)

  1. Strategies for the speaking test.
  2. Strategies for the listening test.
  3. Strategies for the reading test.
  4. Strategies for the writing test.

Please note that we do not publish sample tests. Due to the nature of the ISLPR® test, sample tests would risk confusing candidates.


If after reading through the above (8) articles you feel you need more personalized help with any of your macro skills, we highly recommend booking an ISLPR English tutorial.

Tutorials are a one-hour, one-to-one class with an accredited ISLPR tutor. The tutor will provide you with tasks to complete before the tutorial and will provide feedback on if/how you can improve on any of your skills.

Click here for more information on tutorials.


We also provide personalized feedback. Candidates that do not reach the level required in any skill or skills can apply for feedback on their test.

During a feedback session an ISLPR® tester will go through your test and explain why your English was graded at that level and what you need to improve on.

For more information on feedback costs, please refer to our price list.

Click here for more information on feedback appointments.

Please note, there are many organizations offering “ISLPR Preparation Courses”. We do not accredit or acknowledge other organizations that claim to offer “ISLPR Test Preparation Course”. These organizations have NOT received training from us and therefore, we cannot guarantee that what they teach you about the test is appropriate. As such, we cannot take responsibility for any unaccredited organizations offering information about the test, and should you choose to take their advice, you do so at your own risk.