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Strategies for ISLPR Test Candidates: The Listening Test (Part 1)

Posted by on Apr 19, 2021 at 10:27 AM

Over the next month we will go over some tips to help you mentally prepare yourself for an ISLPR test and strategies to help you perform well during an exam.

To make things easy, we’ll break the test down into 4 parts and provide strategies to improve each of your macro-skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Today, we’re looking at:

The Listening Test.


Part 1: before the test

Talk with a wide range of native speakers of English in the community, not just teachers, and listen to public announcements (e.g. in shopping centres and trains) and >other electronic messages.

Listen to the Australian radio Use the ABC website to find programs that are of interest to you (especially where the topic is related to what you want to study or your professional field).

Find out when they will be broadcast in case you can listen to them ‘live’ and also if they can be accessed through your computer, smartphone or tablet. Some TV programs (e.g. news, documentaries and Australian drama) are also useful.

You may also like to practise taking notes with texts of different types and different lengths. In particular, make use of the ABC website at

>>> Part 2: The Listening Test Guidelines <<<

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