How is an ISLPR Test run?

A full ISLPR test is a two-part test. The first part runs for one hour and is a one-to-one interview with your tester. During this hour your Speaking, Listening, and Reading skills will be tested. The second part is a written exam where you are given two to three tasks that test your writing skills. You are allowed one hour to complete these tasks. Where applicable, tests are based on your area of study/qualifications. For more information check the About ISLPR page or use the ‘contact us form for further inquiries.

What is the difference between the ISLPR test and other language testing systems?

When you apply for an ISLPR test you will be asked to complete an application form that asks a number of questions about your background (e.g. study history, current employment, etc.). This information is then used to select materials for your test that are relevant to you.

Personalised Generalised – “one size fits all”
One-to-one testing Mass testing
Feedback available on results No clarification on your marks
Based on your background & needs Same test regardless of your background

What is the difference between a full test and part test?

A full ISLPR test is a two-part test that examines all four macro-skills (i.e., speaking, listening, reading and writing). A part ISLPR test only examines the skills you request to be tested. A part test is useful for some candidates who do not get the rating they require in one, two or three skills. Instead of redoing the whole test, we can offer a part test.

Please note that before you book a part test, you must contact the end-user to confirm whether they will accept the part test results.

We will never combine results from tests completed on different occasions.

How long will it take to get my results?

Brisbane candidates: results will be posted after 5 working days for candidates who complete their test at our Brisbane office.

All other locations: results will be posted after 10 working days.

Please note, results are posted via regular mail. If you would like your results sent via express or registered mail, please contact our admin team to organize and pay for this service before your exam.

Can I combine results from tests taken on different days?

No. We will never combine results.

If you choose to do a part test or if you plan on submitting two separate certificates to an end-user, you must confirm with the end-user whether they will accept part tests. Some end-users (e.g., some teacher registration boards) will only accept one certificate. Therefore, you would not be eligible to do a part test. 

At ISLPR Language Services, we only administer the test. We are not able to advise on whether the end-user will accept part-tests or combined results from different tests.

How is my test marked?

Your ISLPR test will be marked by a qualified ISLPR tester. The person who tests you is usually the person who will mark your entire test. All tests are quality assured by the IGAC.

To learn more about the assessment process, click here.

How can I collect my results?

Your results can either be collected from our Brisbane office or get posted to your chosen address. Results will never be emailed to you or given to you over the phone.

How long till I can re-sit my test, if I need to?

At ISLPR we recommend that you re-sit your test after 4 weeks. This gives you time to practice your English. You may choose to sit your test sooner but you will need to sign a waiver to acknowledge that we do not recommend this.

How can I prepare for my test?

Due to the nature of the test, the ISLPR test is not one that you can prepare for by practicing a few item types. However, ISLPR Language Services offers a Tutorial service where you can receive guidance on how to improve your general English speaking, listening, reading, or writing skills.

Please read our preparation page for more information.

I have found a different organization that offers an ISLPR preparation course...

Please note, we are aware of many organisations offering “ISLPR Preparation Courses”

We do not accredit or acknowledge other organisations that claim to offer “ISLPR Test Preparation Courses”.

These organisations have NOT received training from us and therefore, we cannot guarantee that what they teach you about the test is correct or appropriate.

As such, we cannot take responsibility for any unaccredited organisations offering information about the test and should you choose to take their advice, you do so at your own risk.

We urge you to not waste your money as we will not offer refunds if you are given wrong information from other sources.

Do you have sample tests?

No. Again, due to the nature of the ISLPR test we do not offer sample tests. We do offer ISLPR tutorials where you can receive guidance on how to improve your general English speaking, listening, reading, or writing skills. Additionally, during your tutorial, your tutor can run you through how an ISLPR test is conducted.

For more information about the test, please refer to our about page.

Do you test Interstate?

We are happy to travel interstate to conduct ISLPR tests provided that there is a sufficient number of candidates.

To register your interest in our interstate and overseas testing, click here.

For more information on our interstate and overseas testing policy, click here.

There are other centers that claim to offer ISLPR tests. You should use them only if they are a center accredited by the IGAC and offer test quality assured by the IGAC.

When can I sit a test?

Tests are run during business hours.

Our office is open Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 5 PM.

If you are booking a test at our Brisbane office you will be able to schedule your own appointment. When booking a test interstate/overseas we ask that you specify what times you are available and unavailable. We will always do our very best to work with your schedule and pair you with a tester who is available at that time. Due to high demand, we will not reserve time for your test until payment is received.

To book a test online, click here.

Can I cancel/reschedule my appointment at any time?

When booking an appointment all customers are made aware of the conditions on their application forms. Due to high demand you are required to giveseven days notice when rescheduling/cancelling a test and two days notice when rescheduling a tutorial

As our bookings fill up weeks to months in advance we require as much notice as possible for rescheduling and cancellations.

Why does the ISLPR test cost more than other English tets?

The ISLPR test is all about tailoring the experience just for you. Every test is personalized to match your expertise and interests. That’s why our application forms ask for detailed information – it helps us create a test that resonates with your profile.

In addition, our commitment to individualized evaluation extends to the administration process. Candidates undergoing assessments in speaking, listening, or reading skills benefit from one-on-one interviews with a certified ISLPR tester. Meanwhile, the writing tests are structured as self-paced one-hour examinations.

Notably, the integrity of our testing process is fortified by our team of dedicated assessors, all of whom hold advanced degrees in TESOL or applied linguistics. These experts have completed an extensive training and moderation program accredited by the IGAC, ensuring the highest standards of evaluation and proficiency measurement. Your journey with ISLPR Language Services is underpinned by a commitment to precision, personalization, and the expertise of our seasoned assessors.