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At ISLPR Language Services we firmly believe in teaching our students how to speak English, NOT tricks to pass a test.

Language is learned through use, the more you use a language the more it will develop. Therefore, if you improve your language your test results will also improve!

Our motto for learning a new language is to: practise, practise and practise even more!

It is, for this reason, we have developed a series of activity sheets to help YOU improve your English skills at home BEFORE you complete an ISLPR test. Our activity sheets are designed for anyone who wants to improve their English, not just people who intend on taking the ISLPR test.

All the activities we include in our activity sheets are representative of the most common issues we come across. We also include real life examples of mistakes made in ISLPR English tests!

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Start with this workbook:

Activity Sheet 1

  • Download here.
  • We’ll send you your answers via email.
  • Our first activity sheet covers the basics like nouns, verbs, adjectives and provides a couple of practise writing tasks.
  • The activities in our sheets get progressively harder so if you find this sheet easy, make sure you try activity sheet 2!

After activity sheet 1, move onto the second version. Once you download activity sheet 1, we’ll email you the second activity sheet in a few days. Alternatively, follow the link below to download it directly.

Activity Sheet 2

  • Download here.
  • Topics covered in this activity sheet include adjective clauses, relative pronouns and a variety of problem words.
  • Added bonus! Answers are provided during a free webinar hosted by Dr Ingram. Click here to watch.

Activity Sheet 3

  • Download here.
  • This activity sheet focuses on real-life activities and suggests a variety of activities you can do, whether in lockdown or not.
  • Due to the nature of the tasks, no answer sheet is provided for Activity Sheet 3. However, we encourage you to share your answers from exercise number four on our book review page.

Activity sheets are provided as a free learning resource so that all candidates can continue practising their English at home. We provide answer sheets for some activity sheets, however, if you would like personalised feedback on your work you will need to book a tutorial.


Have you completed all the activity sheets but want extra help? Check out these resources: