About Dr David E. Ingram AM

Dr David Ingram is the co-creator of the original IELTS testing system developed to assess English competence for entry universities. From 1998 – 2002 David was the Director of IELTS Australia.

Over time, David identified the need to create another, more flexible, testing system appropriate not only for university entry, but also for other purposes. This test would be fundamental to encouraging as much natural and realistic conversation (compared to other testing systems) as possible. To support this the Listening, Reading and Writing materials are carefully selected to meet the interests and needs of each individual.

Hence, the creation of the ISLPR!

The ISLPR is now used globally, including countries of the Pacific Islands, Iran, Turkey, New Zealand, England and of course each state and Territory of Australia.

Amongst other awards that have recognized David’s contribution to Applied Linguistics; in June 2003, David was awarded an Order of Australia “For service to education through the development of language policy, through assessment procedures for evaluation of proficiency, and through research and teaching”

David E. Ingram AM

B.A., A.Ed. (Qld), M.A., Ph.D. (Essex)

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