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Develop your Writing Skills: More Problem Words

Posted by on Apr 19, 2021 at 10:26 AM

The only way to improve your English is to continue practising. Due to the popularity of our last post, this week’s blog post will focus on some more words that we find candidates often have problems with. Complete the activity below and ensure you use the words correctly.

Hint: Note that the list contains pairs of words (and one triplet) that are often confused. Be careful and, when you’re finished, check your use of the words in a good dictionary. We recommend the Macquarie Australian Concise Dictionary.

Writing Activity

Some English speaking friends have invited you and your family to spend a couple of weeks on holiday with them. They have asked you to plan what you would most like to do. Write out some suggestions and be sure to use these words at least once in what you write.

  • Its
  • It’s
  • To affect
  • To effect
  • Effects
  • Due
  • Due to
  • Lose
  • Loose

Did you find this activity helpful?

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