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Develop your Reading Skills: Rephrasing

Posted by on Apr 9, 2021 at 8:58 AM

If you’ve been reading our blog posts and following our advice, you should know by now that the only way to improve your English is to consistently use the language and obtain feedback! It is for this reason that we provide (both free and paid) activities, webinars, courses and general information aimed at improving your language. We do not believe in teaching you tricks to pass a test.

This week’s blog post focuses on developing your reading skills and specifically focuses on the skill of rephrasing.The beauty of the activity we have provided below is that it can be used on any piece of text that you are interested in reading.


After skimming and scanninga piece of text, you should summarise the information in your own words.

Rephrasing strategies

  • Use synonyms.
  • Use different grammatical structures.
  • Describe the events in a different order.
  • Express the meaning in your own words.

Reading Activity

Paste the following link into a web browser.

Read the article above and read it at your own pace. Make notes of keywords and key ideas. When you finish, write a summary of the article in your own words. Use the rephrasing strategies above. Try writing 150 words.

Please note: activities that we include on our blog are free for you to use and practise in your own time. We will not be able to reply to emails requesting that these activities be marked. If you would like someone to look over your writing, we recommend booking a tutorial.

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