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Please download the following files and familiarise yourself with the rules and instructions for the online test:

  1. ISLPR Online Test Rules
  2. Instructions for the Online Test

A reminder that it was your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the online test rules before applying for the test.

Test Preparation

We often receive questions regarding the ISLPR test and how to prepare. Firstly, it is important to make the distinction between the ISLPR test and other English tests. The ISLPR is a personalised English test which means it is not useful to prepare for the ISLPR like you would for the IELTS and other English tests. We recommend reading the following blog posts to familiarise yourself with the test format:

We also have a self-assessment tool available on our website. The ISLPR Indicative Questionnaire was designed to give ESL learners an approximate idea of the level of their proficiency. Try it out here but remember, this is not a formal assessment and its accuracy depends on your making an honest self-assessment.

English Development

We have a number of resources available on our website to help candidates develop their English skills. Some of these resources are free and others are paid services or products. Check them out below: