Online Test Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms and conditions at any time. Please check these terms and conditions regularly prior to booking an appointment to ensure you are aware of any changes. Where changes are significant or substantive, we will endeavour to highlight these changes to you.

Emails: ISLPR Language Services conducts all or most of its communications via email. You will also receive the invitation to your online test via email. It is your responsibility to check your email inbox thoroughly (we do not accept responsibility for emails that are filtered to your junk inbox). Please ensure you have our three main email addresses saved to your contacts list:,,

Acceptance of ISLPR®:It is your responsibility to check whether the institution or organization to which you are applying will accept the ISLPR® and what conditions they set. It is your responsibility to confirm which test you should be doing prior to applying and paying. All bookings incur a non-refundable fee.

Part tests: You may take a part test (e.g. writing only) but if you plan to combine results from different testing systems (e.g. ISLPR® and IELTS) or from ISLPR® tests taken on different occasions, you should check with the institution whether they will accept combinations and what conditions they set. NB: Separate certificates will be issued for ISLPR® tests conducted on different days. Results from different tests cannot be combined into one certificate.

Re-tests: If you wish to repeat the test, we recommend that you wait at least four weeks from the date of your previous test to allow your language to develop. You will need to sign a waiver if you choose to redo the test sooner.

Results: Results for tests conducted at our Brisbane office are generally ready five working days after the test. The statement of results will be posted to the mailing address that you have written on the application form. Certificates are posted as soon as they are ready. If you wish to make a special arrangement (e.g. express postage) you must discuss this with the Administration Officer.

Postage: Please be aware that once the certificate has been shipped it is the responsibility of the postal system and ISLPR Language Services cannot take responsibility and cover the cost of lost items. Priority postage is included in your test fee*. If requested, express postage or registered post can be organised and will be charged accordingly.

**Coronavirus impact: Please note Australia Post is experiencing significant domestic and international delivery delays due to limited flights, social distancing requirements, and increased parcel volumes. Australia Post does not currently offer priority postage.

Life of results: We recommend that results should be valid for 12 months from the date the skill was tested. Some institutions extend this to 24 months. Please confirm with your end-user.

Re-checks: If you are not satisfied with your results, you may apply for a re-check within four weeks of the test date. Re-check application forms with details are available from our Administration Officer.

TutorialsIndividual tutorials are available to help you prepare for your test. Please refer to our services page for pricing details.

Feedback: Feedback is available if you wish to find out what is wrong with your English and what you should do to improve it. Please refer to our services page for pricing details.

Unreasonable Conduct by Customers: Most of our customers act reasonably and respectfully in their interactions with us, even during times of high stress, frustration and anger. However, on a small number of occasions some customers behave unacceptably and aggressively towards our staff and customers. Aggressive behaviour and verbal abuse towards our staff will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who behaves inappropriately or unacceptably and may report this behaviour to end-users if we deem it necessary. Customer aggression includes a wide range of unacceptable, hostile behaviours directed towards any of our staff or other clients and may occur in or out of the workplace. Examples of behaviours that could be interpreted as acts of client aggression include:

    1. hostile or threatening gestures;
    2. threatening or offensive behaviour;
    3. verbal abuse of either a personal or general nature by means of innuendo, raised voice or obscenities, including racist and sexist comments;
    4. physical violence against a person such as hitting, kicking, seizing, pushing or punching, or physical violence against an employee’s personal property, possessions or
    5. following or stalking a staff member after your appointment or trying to make personal contact with staff members outside of business hours (this includes online/virtual stalking and harassment).


  1. You must pay the fee when you submit the form. You are also required to schedule a time and date for your appointment when applying online.
  2. If you have any diagnosed learning disabilities that we should know about you must attach a report from your specialist with your application form.
  3. All tests have a non-refundable booking fee of $100.00. This is to cover the cost of processing your application and the time a tester spends preparing materials for your test. When we receive your application form your test is assigned to a tester to begin preparing.
  4. If you wish to cancel your test and you notify our Administration Officer no later than 4:30 pm seven business days before the booked test date (or, if the test date has not been finalized, seven business days before the Friday of the preferred week), the test fee will be refunded, less an administration charge of $100 (incl. GST). If you do not give seven business days advance notice, no refund will be given. You must notify our administration team via email: and include the following details:
    • Full Name
    • Order Number
    • The date you made the booking
    • Date of your appointment
    • Reason for cancelling
  5. If you are sick and need to reschedule your test, you must provide a doctor’s certificate. The doctor’s certificate must be sent to our administration team via email: You must include the following details in your email:
    • Full Name
    • Order Number
    • The date you made the booking
    • Reason for rescheduling and attach your doctor’s certificate.
  6. If you wish to change the date or time of a booked test, you must notify our Administration Officer no later than 4:30 pm seven business days before the test date. If you do not give seven business days advance notice, you must pay an administration charge of $100 (incl. GST). You must notify our administration team via email:
  7. If you log on late for your test, you may be required to re-book and pay an administration charge of $100 (incl. GST). If it becomes clear that you are unfamiliar with the third-party software (Google Chrome, Google Meet or picture-in-picture) and significant delays are incurred prior to commencing the security check, the tester may abort the test and advise you to rebook after you have familiarised yourself with the procedures.
  8. You can only access the test via a laptop or desktop. Your test will not function properly and will timeout if you access it from a phone, iPad or any other smart device.
  9. You must have Google Chrome and the picture-in-picture browser extension downloaded on your computer. You must also familiarize yourself with the use of these programs and ensure that you have a strong internet connection before your test date. We recommend checking your internet connection the morning of your test. As expected when relying on the internet, minor lagging may occur.
  10. If minor lagging occurs during the test we recommend that you remain calm, the transmission will pick up again after the momentary hesitation, you will not have missed anything and, if you did, you are entirely at liberty to ask for something to be repeated or clarified, as you would in a real-life face-to-face conversation
  11. You will be monitored for the full duration of your test by a tester and supervisor. Your test will be audio and video recorded for marking and training purposes. Our testers and supervisors reserve the right to cancel the test at any stage if they observe suspicious behaviour and/or cheating.
  12. On your test day, you must join the meeting on time. You will be asked to follow some administrative/security procedures at the start of the test and follow the instructions on your screen.
  13. You must present your passport. The only other form of identification that may be acceptable is your Australian driver’s license. Your photograph will be taken at the time of the test and will be reproduced on your statement of results.
  14. The Online Test Rules apply before, during and after the test. You must follow the instructions given by the tester and supervisor. You are not permitted to use programs such as Grammarly and/or any translation Apps during the test. You are not permitted to receive any notifications on your computer during the test. If a notification appears during your test (e.g. emails, messages, etc), the test will be cancelled.
  15. If your test is cancelled for any reason listed in the Online Writing Test Rules or terms & conditions, you will be required to rebook and pay another fee. If serious misconduct is suspected, you may be banned from taking the ISLPR Online Writing Test again.
  16. All mobile phones, smartwatches, and other non-essential items are banned during your test (this includes paper, pens, pencils, erasers, whiteouts, pencil sharpeners, a second monitor/screen, Grammarly and any translation apps). Essential items include a manoeuvrable webcam, headset, laptop or desktop, Google Chrome, picture-in-picture browser extension for Google Chrome, Google Meet, ID (passport/ Australian driver’s license) and water. You are only permitted to have two tabs open on your computer when the test commences (i.e. the Online Test tab and the Google Meet tab). Anyone found to have, or use banned items during the test will have their test cancelled immediately and will be required to book another test.
  17. You are required to share your entire screen for the duration of the test. This must be done as soon as you enter the Google Meet conference. If screen sharing is turned off at any point during the test, your test will be cancelled.
  18. Serious misconduct during the test: Any candidate who causes a scene, does not follow the tester/ supervisor’s instructions, or is caught cheating or misbehaving during the test will have their test cancelled. Such behaviour will be deemed as serious misconduct. The test will be cancelled and disqualified. No photos may be taken during the test and test materials may not be copied, recorded, duplicated, or saved.  In such cases where a candidate is caught breaching any rules, terms or conditions of the test, an incident report will be submitted to the Director by the examiner who was present during the exam.  Behaviour during an exam that is deemed as serious misconduct will result in the candidate’s test not being marked. The candidate in question will be required to book another test or they may be banned from the Online Test.
  19. Serious misconduct after the test: Any attempts to contact a tester to discuss, bribe, persuade or try to influence their marks in any way will be deemed as serious misconduct. An incident report will be submitted to the Director by the examiner who was contacted by the candidate in question. Behaviour deemed as serious misconduct will result in the candidate’s test not being marked. The candidate in question will be required to book another test. Serious misconduct may result in the candidate being banned from taking the test again.
  20. Online Writing Test timer: You are given 75 minutes to complete the writing test. You are not allowed any more than 75 minutes to complete the writing test unless other arrangements have been made before the test and you have provided a specialist’s report. Please note, the online writing test automatically closes at the 75 minute mark.
  21. Emails: It is your responsibility to check your email inbox thoroughly (we do not accept responsibility for emails that are filtered to your junk inbox).
  22. Upon submitting an application form you must sign that you have read it and that you accept these conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please contact our office to discuss them before submitting your application form.

Privacy: ISLPR LANGUAGE SERVICES collects stores and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering tests, training testers, teaching, research and distributing research publications. The information collected is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except when required under Australian law.