6 Week Reading & Writing Course


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The aim of the course is to help participants develop their reading and writing skills. Why are we just focusing on these two skills? For two reasons: firstly, if we were to pick just one skill that we believed was the most important skill for people aiming to develop their English proficiency, it would be reading. The more a person reads and the greater variety of things they read, the more language they encounter and the more their language will develop. Secondly, in our experience, there is no doubt that writing has been the greatest source of problems for most ESL learners.

The most fundamental principle in all language development is the more you use English, the more your English develops. The activities in our workbooks are always practical tasks and should not only give participants the opportunity to use their reading and writing skills over the 6-week period, but they will provide participants with an idea of the types of activities they can continue to do in their own time beyond this course, to further develop your language.