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Where, wear, were, we’re

Posted by on Apr 19, 2021 at 10:26 AM

Do you know the difference? The first three words are homophones. These four words confuse many people.

Where (conjunction, relative pronoun, interrogative) – relates to place, implies a prepositional phrases such as at which, in which or to which or at a place, in a place or to a place. e.g. where are they going?

Wear (verb) = to put on (e.g. clothes). e.g. What are you going to wear? I will wear sunscreen

We’re = contraction for “we are”. e.g. We’re running late for our appointment. We’re going to the ballet.

Were (verb) = third person, plural of “to be”. e.g. Were you going with them? What were you doing? They were swimming.


Correct the sentences below.

  1. They where swimming in a place we’re the sign said, “Beware of stingers. Where full protective clothing.”
  2. Were going to alert the council to the dangers when we return to the city.

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