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New Service Announcement: Written Tutorials

Posted by on Nov 19, 2023 at 10:52 AM

Over the years, we have had some requests from candidates to be able to do tutorials in writing rather than live online.  This type of tutorial is more time consuming for the tutors than the traditional face-to-face or online tutorials.  However, some candidates find it difficult to arrange a suitable time for a traditional tutorial especially if they have work commitments.  A “Written Tutorial” allows both the tutors and the candidates to do the required work at whatever time is most convenient for them.

What is a Written Tutorial?

In a Written Tutorial, the tutor will send a candidate some tasks to do, the candidate will write their responses to the tasks and send them to the tutor.  The tutor will go through them, make corrections, provide explanations, and return them to the candidate. A tutorial conducted in this way can work only for writing and not for the other skills.

Candidates can either handwrite the tasks or do them on their computer though it is quicker and easier for the tutor to provide feedback if candidates type their answers. However, if candidates use a computer, they must do the writing by themselves with no assistance of any sort and, especially, make no use of a spell or grammar check or software such as Grammarly or ChatGPT.

The Written Tutorial application form includes an assurance to be signed by the candidate that it is their own writing, that they will do the work with no assistance of any sort and that, if they write the tasks on a computer, they will make no use of the spell or grammar check or software such as Grammarly or ChatGPT. The reason for this is that tutors can help candidates only if they know what their real strengths or weaknesses are.

Please note the following conditions and procedures for a Written Tutorial:

  1. A “Written Tutorial” focuses only on writing. If candidates want assistance with speaking, listening or reading, they must apply for the traditional online tutorial, which can cover all or any of the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  2. The candidate will book a time slot for each tutorial as they would do for the traditional face-to-face or online tutorials. This ensures that the tutor has time allocated in which to go over the candidate’s writing. This date and time also act as the due date for the writing (see point 3 below).
  3. The Administration will notify the tutor in the usual way about the appointment(s). The tutor will send each candidate 4 or 6 writing tasks relevant to the candidate and his/her field and what needs to be done for each tutorial. Candidates will send their answers in time for the tutor to receive them at least 48 hours before the time scheduled for the tutorial.
  4. Candidates will submit their writing either handwritten or (preferably) typed.
  5. The tutor will go through the writing, make corrections and include detailed advice on what was right or wrong and what the relevant grammar or other rule is. The corrections and advice might use MS Word’s  “Track Changes”, be written in a different colour, or numbered and written separately (whatever is most convenient for the tutor).
  6. The tutor will aim to return the corrected tasks to the candidate within one week (five business days) of receiving them.
  7. Candidates must go through their corrected tasks and the advice provided, understand the relevant rule and the corrections and apply that knowledge in all their writing.

When will this service be available?

Applicants will be able to commence booking this service through our website on Monday, 04 December. The booking procedure will be as normal however, you must ensure you complete the “Written Tutorial” application form and not the regular tutorial application form.