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ISLPR Online Writing Test

Posted by on Aug 25, 2021 at 4:10 AM

Available for candidates applying for registration with NESA and the New Zealand Teaching Council

As many of our clients will be aware, in mid-2020 we decided to create an online version of the ISLPR test that would allow us to administer the test throughout lockdowns and regardless of border closures. Since then, we have been working on software that would allow us to administer the full ISLPR test online. Unfortunately, we are still trialling the interview portion of the online test and, therefore, cannot confirm when this will be available for formal use.

We are very pleased to announce that the ISLPR Online Writing Test is now available for use. We have received provisional approval of the online writing test from the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) and the New Zealand Teaching Council, therefore, we can offer the online writing test to anyone in New South Wales and New Zealand that needs to do a partial test of writing only.



  • Due to the nature of the ISLPR online writing test, we have very strict rules in place for those who choose to take the test. We encourage you to read through the online test rules and download a copy of the instructions before you apply for the test. When applying for the test, you will be required to acknowledge that you have read the rules and you have the appropriate equipment in order to take the online test.


  • Please ensure you have all the correct equipment and programmes on your computer before applying to do the test. We have released “how to” videos here.


  • Dates are now open and available for you to book. If you are seeking registration with NESA or the NZ Teaching Council and have a writing test on hold already, our administration team will email you to organise a date and time. Please check your emails.  As promised, applicants with credit notes will have their appointments prioritised.


  • At present, only NESA and the New Zealand Teaching Council have advised that they will accept the ISLPR online writing test. Please do not contact us about doing the test for registration in other cities. We do not make these rules and will always abide by the rules set by the relevant authorities. If you obtain special permission from a registration board or other end-user, we will require confirmation in writing. No refunds will be given to candidates that take the ISLPR online test without checking with the relevant end-users to confirm if they will accept the online test results.


  • All ISLPR Online Writing tests will be certified and a note is added to the certificate to make it clear that it was the online test you completed.

Bookings are now open and you can submit your application along with payment here. We only process application forms that are submitted with payment.

How-to videos are available here. The full set of rules, instructions and terms and conditions are available to read too.