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ISLPR Language Services’ COVID-19 Policy

Posted by on Apr 19, 2021 at 10:26 AM

As you may be aware, the Australian and New Zealand Governments introduced new rules and regulations over the weekend in an effort to control the COVID-19 outbreak. Regardless of your own personal views, ISLPR Language Services will be taking great caution when it comes to protecting our staff, customers, families and friends. Due to the close nature of the ISLPR test (one-to-one testing in a small enclosed room), the sensible thing to do at the moment is heed the advice of the Australian government and health officials and practise social distancing. We believe that, if all citizens heed the advice provided by the authorities, we may be able to reduce the impact this virus will have on our community and, in particular, the health system in Australia.

How will this affect you?

Brisbane Candidates

At the moment, we do not anticipate there being a disruption to our services. However, the procedures in our office have changed to ensure we are practising social distancing and abiding by strict cleaning policies. The procedures for a test are outlined below. Please read our notice here for in-depth information on our office’s COVID-19 policy.

  • All interviews and writing tests will be conducted at our Mount Gravatt office.
  • Only one candidate will be permitted into our office at a time. This is to ensure our office is cleaned thoroughly between tests and reduce candidate-to-candidate interaction.
  • Your interview will be supervised by me, Kenina, ILS Accounts and Operations Manager. You will be interviewed by a tester online (Zoom).
  • Before you enter our office you will be asked to wash your hands thoroughly. A tissue box, plastic bag, disinfectant and hand sanitiser will be made available to you throughout your test.

Please be aware that we are prioritising local candidates. If you have already paid to do the test and have received a credit note, you are welcome to schedule your test at our Brisbane office.

For more information, please read our Brisbane COVID policy here.

Victorian Candidates

Please refer to the ISLPR Victoria website for their COVID-19 policy.

Interstate/Overseas Customers (e.g. Sydney, Adelaide, Auckland, Fiji)

To maintain our duty of care to both our customers and staff, we will be postponing all travel until the government announces it is safe to resume normal activities. It has been a difficult decision to make but one that has been forced upon us by the current global health crisis. All tests to be conducted in Sydney, Adelaide, Fiji or Auckland from March 2020 onwards will be postponed until we can confirm new dates. Please note, we fully intend to return to these locations to conduct tests once the social distancing advice has been redacted.

We are aware that the ISLPR test is a high stakes test and candidates rely on this test for teacher registration, job admissions or entry into further education courses. As such, when travel resumes, we will be prioritising any candidates who have already booked and paid for their test. If you paid for your test before 15 March 2020, please check your email for further information.

If you choose to book and pay for an appointment now (after 15 March 2020), please be aware that you will be placed on a wait-list and your test will be scheduled as soon as new dates are confirmed. Please be aware that as we do not have new dates confirmed, if you choose to book and pay now, you will be provided with a credit note/gift card to use on any of our services. Please consider this before booking as refunds will not be offered on credit notes.

In summary, if you choose to purchase a gift card/credit note now, while we do not have dates confirmed for our return to your location:

1. you will be emailed a credit note to the value of the service you booked and paid for (e.g. a full test = $395.00 credit note); and

2. you will be placed on a wait-list and your test will be scheduled as soon as possible.

3. Please consider booking and paying carefully and read our terms and conditions. It is entirely your choice whether you choose to book and pay now or wait until we have confirmed new dates. We will not be able to offer refunds on gift cards/credit notes. Credit can be used on any of our services (tutorials, webinars, and a soon to be released Online-English course).

This policy is only applicable to candidates who book and pay for their test after 15 March 2020 while all travel has been postponed.

Please bear with us as we navigate through the next few months. The safety of our customers and our staff is of utmost importance and, as such, we will be following the advice of all health authorities and will reschedule the interstate/overseas dates once it is safe to do so.

Will this change how the ISLPR test is conducted in the future?

We have been exploring options to conduct the test online for some time now. While we do not have a specified date for completion, we will be working hard to settle on an online testing solution and gain approval by all end-users.

What should you do in the meantime?

In the meantime, it is vital that you continue to practise your English. We have found that English skills dramatically regress when they are not consistently used (e.g. when ESL speakers go on holiday). Download our free activity sheets, read through our blog and watch our free webinars. Ensure that you are keeping your mind busy and your English skills fresh during the next few months of uncertainty. In particular, we recommend that you consider taking one or more tutorials so as to continue to develop your English skills.

We will still be offering tutorials via Skype for all candidates who would like to use this time to further develop their English skills. We will also be increasing the number of posts on our blog to ensure our customers and anyone else are provided with helpful resources if they are forced to work from home or self-isolate. We are also happy to provide tutorials and other services to anyone who wishes to improve their English skills. This applies to all people, not just our regular candidates of teachers and students.

Lastly, on behalf of the ISLPR team, I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay in testing. These are unprecedented and challenging times but we thank you for your patience and understanding.




Account & Operations Manager

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