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Improve Your Listening Skills By Using ABC Radio

Posted by on Apr 19, 2021 at 10:26 AM

Listening to the radio is an inexpensive way to improve your listening skills We highly recommend using ABC radio as they provide a wide variety of programmes for you to choose from..

You can listen to programmes as they are broadcast ‘live’ on your radio. To help you find the ABC stations that have mainly ‘talking’ programmes, we’ve listed their frequencies for Brisbane and the Gold Coast:

Brisbane Gold Coast

Radio National 792 AM 90.1 FM

News Radio 936 AM 95.7 FM

ABC Radio Brisbane 612 AM 91.7 FM

The ABC website will give you more information about these different stations and the kind of programmes they have. The home page is The best programmes to listen to are those that interest your and provide a good level of challenge for you.

The website has programme guides (or schedules). Go to the home page, click on ‘Radio,’ find the station that you are interested in and then the program guide/schedule for the station. Local Radio is a little more complex than the other stations because the page has to cover all the local ABC stations in Australia.

You can also listen to programmes through your computer either by ‘streaming’ or podcasting. The website will tell you what to do. When you listen to a streamed or podcast programme, you can listen as many times as you like.

Transcripts are available on the web for many programmes. Except for news stories, the transcripts usually appear the day after the program is broadcast. Transcripts can help you to understand at the time and remember it may help your reading if you listen and read at the same time.

Some other listening sites: