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Develop your Writing Skills: Some Problem Words

Posted by on Apr 19, 2021 at 10:26 AM

The only way to improve your English is to continue practising! This week’s blog post focuses on some words that we find candidates often have problems with. Complete the activity below and ensure you use the words correctly.

Hint: Note that the list contains pairs of words that are often confused. Be careful and, when you’re finished, check your use of the words in a good dictionary. We recommend the Macquarie Australian Concise Dictionary.

Writing Activity

Write a letter to your family in your country of origin and describe what your life in Australia has been like in 2020 during the pandemic. Write about 250 words.

Include the following words in your letter. Try to use each word twice:

  • Because
  • Because of
  • Comprise
  • Consist
  • Few
  • A few
  • Little
  • A little

Please note: activities that we include on our blog are free for you to use and practise in your own time. We will not be able to reply to emails requesting that these activities be marked. If you would like someone to look over your writing, we recommend booking a tutorial.

Did you find this activity helpful?

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