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Adjectives – part 2

Posted by on Apr 19, 2021 at 10:27 AM


Use _er, _est if the adjective has one or two syllables, e.g. happy, happier, happiest; high, higher, highest.

Positive degree: high

Comparative degree: higher

Superlative degree; highest

Use more or most if the adjective has more than two syllables, e.g. beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful.

There are also some words that have special comparative forms, e.g. good, better, best; bad, worse, worst.


every (adjective) = all the things referred to but it is treated as a singular, i.e. it is usually followed by a singular noun, e.g. Every boy in the class failed the test.

Much, many

much + singular uncountable noun, e.g. much money.

many + plural countable noun, e.g. many boys.