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The ISLPR is a personalised language test used to measure a person’s proficiency in English and other languages.

This test encourages as much natural and realistic conversation as possible, compared to other testing systems. To support this the Listening, Reading and Writing materials are carefully selected to meet the interests and needs of each individual.


1 Hour  ISLPR Tutorials available via Skype for domestic and international candidates, only $100!

ISLPR Global Accredited Testing Centre, Victoria

ISLPR Language Services Pty Ltd has recently accredited a testing centre in Victoria. While our online booking system is updated, persons wishing to take an ISLPR® test in Victoria should contact  g.ferguson@islpr.org


Are you interested in becoming an Accredited ISLPR Tester?

Simply email info@islpr.org to add your name to the list. We will contact you soon with more details.


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