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The ISLPR is a personalised language test used to measure a person’s proficiency in English and other languages.

This test encourages as much natural and realistic conversation as possible, compared to other testing systems. To support this the Listening, Reading and Writing materials are carefully selected to meet the interests and needs of each individual.


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Recognition of ISLPR in Iran
ISLPR Language Services is pleased to announce that the ISLPR test is now officially recognized by the National Organization for Educational Testing (NOET – Sanjesh) in Iran. NOET is the government organization which oversights all educational testing in Iran and which must approve tests that are used in Iran.
For more information please visit www.sanjesh.org

ISLPR International
is the sub-division of ISLPR Language Services Pty Ltd that promotes the use of the ISLPR internationally and oversights all the international operations of ISLPR Language Services. For more information please view www.islpr-international.org

ISLPR International Accreditation Authority

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